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The 2022 Adopt a Lean-to Lottery

The 2022 Adopt a Lean-to Lottery

February 4, 2022

ADK’s popular Adopt a Lean-to Program is thirty-seven years old in 2022. Hundreds of volunteer adopters donated over four thousand hours in 2021 toward maintaining “their” lean-to and its environs, replacing registers, and reporting problems. Major construction is not required, but many adopters have worked on roof replacement, privy location, log-staining, and other projects under the guidance of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation personnel. ADK is extremely proud of all of these volunteers, including the dozens who have offered over 10 years of service to the program.

As of February 3, 2022, the below lean-tos are available for adoption. Be sure to indicate which lean-to(s) you are interested in adopting (no more than three). Find the location of the listed lean-tos using the search function in our new lottery map. If you already are an adopter, note that new adopters will have priority in the lottery.

The lottery is now closed. Results of the drawing will be announced on April 11, 2022.

Lean-toCountyLand Unit
Berrymill PondEssexPharaoh Lake Wilderness
Black Mountain PondWashingtonLake George Wild Forest
Boucher Point #1HamiltonSargent Ponds Wild Forest
Boucher Point #2HamiltonSargent Ponds Wild Forest
Burntbridge PondSt. LawrenceCranberry Lake Wilderness
Cold Brook (Saranac River)FranklinSaranac Lake Wild Forest
GriffinEssexHigh Peaks Wilderness
Herbert BrookEssexHigh Peaks Wilderness
Hour PondWarrenSiamese Ponds Wilderness
Lilypad PondEssexPharaoh Lake Wilderness
Little Rock PondEssexPharaoh Lake Wilderness
Marcy BrookEssexHigh Peaks Wilderness
Marcy Dam #2EssexHigh Peaks Wilderness
Moose Mt. PondEssexHammond Pond Wild Forest
Mr. VanEssexHigh Peaks Wilderness
Mullins FlowHerkimerWatson’s East Triangle Wild Forest
Piercefield FlowSt. LawrencePiercefield Flow – Conservation Easement
Pillsbury LakeHamiltonWest Canada Lake Wilderness
Pine LakeLewisHaDeRonDa Wilderness
PlacidEssexMcKenzie Mountain Wilderness
Plumley’s #2HamiltonHigh Peaks Wilderness
Remsen FallsHerkimerBlack River Wild Forest
Rodney Point #1HamiltonHigh Peaks Wilderness
Sand Lake FallsHerkimerBlack River Wild Forest
Seventh Lake #1HamiltonMoose River Wild Forest
Seventh Lake #2HamiltonMoose River Wild Forest
Slant RockEssexHigh Peaks Wilderness
Spruce Lake #1HamiltonWest Canada Lake Wilderness
Tubmill MarshEssexPharaoh Lake Wilderness
UphillEssexHigh Peaks Wilderness
William G. HowardEssexHigh Peaks Wilderness


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