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ADK Concludes Cascade Feedback Sessions

ADK Concludes Cascade Feedback Sessions

May 5, 2022

Last month, ADK heard from over 100 people who took the time to share their feedback through group sessions, individual meetings, and emails. Representing everything from ADK members to local ski areas to state agencies, facilitators heard from a diverse array of stakeholders who all shared in ADK’s enthusiasm for Cascade Ski Center’s potential.

Through this feedback, staff and leadership heard some great ideas for how ADK could improve on Cascade Ski Center’s reputation as a community recreation space while expanding its mission to protect the Adirondack Park through outdoor education and stewardship. Here are some of the services that were suggested:

  • Information Services: 70% of visitors to the Tri-Lakes region pass by Cascade Ski Center. There was broad support for visitor information services there that would cover everything from trail conditions to local history to employment opportunities for prospective residents.
  • Interpretive Programming: With a wetland on the property, Cascade is uniquely positioned to showcase and tell the story of the Adirondack Park’s ecological importance. Whether that be through naturalist walks or indoor displays, there was support for interpretive programs that focus on this message.
  • Youth Education: From hosting youth ski programs to expanding our Three Seasons at Heart Lake school outreach program, numerous contributors voiced their support for more programs at Cascade that connect children and their families to the outdoors.
  • Four Season Recreation: Cascade is well-loved for skiing and snowshoeing, which will continue under ADK’s ownership, but there was also support for making the trails open to mountain biking and hiking to make Cascade a space for community-based recreation year-round.
  • Inclusivity: Cascade has the potential to improve access to the outdoors for a wide range of people. Along these lines, there were great suggestions for creating a gear library to overcome economic barriers to the outdoors and developing ADA accessible trails on the property in the future.
  • Dining: It was made clear that the great room in Cascade has been important to visitors as a space for relaxation and recuperation after a day on the trail. Food was key to that experience. Through this there is an opportunity to support local businesses by contracting with an existing vendor in the area to provide food.

As the summer season begins, ADK will begin the process of developing a business plan for the 200-acre property. While winter skiing and snowshoeing, and summer information services are guaranteed services that will be provided there, the rest will be determined by a combination of what was suggested by feedback providers and the goals outlined by ADK’s mission. Once the business plan is finalized, it will be shared it on ADK.org.

If you have not yet provided feedback and would like to do so, please send your thoughts to cascade@adk.org.


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