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Celebrating Our Trail Work Successes 

Celebrating Our Trail Work Successes 

January 17, 2023 — Lake Placid, NY — In a report, the Adirondack Mountain Club celebrated the conclusion of its 100th year of trail work in the Adirondack Park by highlighting three key areas of success: strong partnerships, progress on Mt Jo, and volunteer impacts. 

“ADK has and will continue to play a significant role in building and maintaining trails throughout the Adirondacks. From projects at Silver Lake Bog to Avalanche Pass, this year was a tremendous success thanks to our incredible partners, volunteers, and staff,” said Charlotte Staats, ADK Trails Manager

Strong Partnerships 

Nearly all of the 23 professional and volunteer trail projects that ADK worked on in 2022 were backed by strong partnerships with land conservancies, friends groups, and other entities involved in outdoor recreation. 

“We are thankful for the support of our incredible partners, who have shown their commitment to safe, responsible, and sustainable recreation through improved trail design,” said Staats. “This season was a success thanks in large part to them.” 

“In 2022, the Adirondack 46er organization was proud to continue its ongoing support for the work of the ADK Pro Crew. Each year, the 46er organization provides funds for the Pro Crew to be trained and to conduct blowdown sweeps to begin the work season. Additionally, we provide support for major projects. In 2022, Avalanche Pass and the Phelps Trail were the two major projects we funded.  Our own trail crews spent 18 days in the field. Together, the commitment to improve and protect the high peaks going forward remains strong,” said Laurie Rankin, President of the Adirondack 46ers

Progress on Mt Jo 

Last September, ADK opened the first part of the new sustainably designed Mt Jo Long Trail. Since 2020, ADK’s professional and volunteer crews have been building a new trail that will increase hiker safety and reduce impacts to the surrounding environment. 

“We are so excited to announce this important project milestone. Once completed, this trail will serve Mt Jo’s 15,000 annual visitors with a safer hiking experience while also protecting the environment,” said Staats.  

To date, the project has been largely supported by donors and a $50,000 grant from the North Elba Local Enhancement & Advancement Fund (LEAF). The rest of the trail is slated to be completed and opened by fall 2023. 

Volunteer Impacts 

This year, ADK volunteers spent over 8,000 hours giving back to the Adirondack Park through trail work. ADK’s flagship volunteer programs include its supervised volunteer trail projects, Adopt a Lean-to Program, and Trail Steward Program. Through these programs, volunteers maintain and monitor backcountry infrastructure, which helps 

“Every year, ADK has more than 150 volunteers involved in volunteer trail projects and adoption programs,” said Staats. “With 2,200 miles of trail and over 200 lean-tos in the Adirondack Park to maintain, our volunteers are playing a major role in ensuring that people can continue to access and enjoy this amazing landscape.”

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos said, “For 100 years, the Adirondack Mountain Club has been an effective steward of our Adirondack lands and DEC is grateful to have such a dedicated partner. From trail and lean-to maintenance, to organizing volunteers and educating visitors, their work helps make the Adirondacks the unique destination we all love, enjoy, and work together to protect.” 

The full report can be read online. ADK’s 2023 professional and volunteer projects will be announced in the spring. For more information about ADK’s trails program, go to ADK.org/trail-work. 


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