Larry Weill Has Woven a masterful tale of the mysterious 1804 silver dollar, coined in the Philadelphia mint under duplicitous circumstances and immediately hidden for posterity to protect the mint director’s family honor. It was a priceless cache that was never supposed to be found.

The hiding spot for this treasure was carefully conceived and meticulously constructed. Tens of thousands of people would walk directly past the site without suspecting a thing. The very size and nature of the concealment space would ensure its safety from ever being compromised. And so it would be for over one hundred fifty years.

The treasure may have remained hidden forever if not for the involvement of two young men who recently gained notoriety for finding the Robert Gordon treasure on Lake Champlain. As they battle a lawless adversary committed to claiming the treasure for himself, they must also negotiate mind-bending riddles and fake clues in obscure historical documents, all shrouding the path that leads to one of the Adirondacks’ most historic sites.

Paperback, 6 x 8 3/4, 454 pages

In Marcy’s Shadow


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