Iron Sharpens Iron – In small Adirondack towns like Lake Placid, people remember the things you wish they would forget. Colden MacIntyre will always be the son of the guy who went crazy. But Colden believes he can scrape off that pine sap past by doing something extraordinary, something that makes his friends and family wonder if maybe he’s gone a little crazy too.

In a place known for historic sporting events, Colden sets his sights on the most famous race in town, a long-distance triathlon usually won by elite racers from around the world. Softcover, 378 pages, 2020.

For most of his life, Colden and his friends have cooked for the tourists, cleaned their toilets, chopped their wood and shoveled their snow. People from out of town own the biggest houses on the best spots on the lakes. But not everything in Lake Placid is for sale. Some things can only be earned through sweat and sacrifice. Maybe Colden’s clean slate can be found with a 140.6-mile gauntlet and some help from his friends.


Iron Sharpens Iron

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Iron Sharpens Iron, by Herb Terns

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