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May is Membership Month!

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May is Membership Month!

Support our mission with membership! With each new 1-year membership purchased in May, receive a cotton ADK fire tower bandana (valued at $6.99). Use code ADKWEB22 at checkout.


Forest Preserve Funding

New York State’s crown jewel—the Forest Preserve—needs funding to manage the issues of today and tomorrow.

Your Support Matters

2023 has truly been special. Thanks to supporters like you we achieved so much. Learn how you can help ADK make 2024 even better.

Inspire the Next Generation

Help ADK transform the lives of students by bringing them to the outdoors and the outdoors into their classrooms.

Support Summit Stewardship

Summit stewards have made a real, measurable difference in the health and sustainability of fragile alpine plants. Your support makes it possible to not only continue this work, but also to expand it to make an even greater impact across the high peaks.