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Connecting Kids to Nature 

Connecting Kids to Nature 

October 3, 2022

ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) has started its 19th year of connecting kids to nature through Marie L. Haberl School Outreach Program: Three Seasons at Heart Lake. Last week, ADK staff began welcoming students to Heart Lake by introducing them to the wonders and science of fall foliage on a hike up Mt Jo.  

Since the program was founded in 2003, ADK has partnered with elementary schools around the Adirondack Park, many of which represent underserved communities, and served over 4,000 students. This year’s cohort includes 12 schools and 355 students. 

Three Seasons at Heart Lake is an incredible example of how ADK’s educational outreach is fostering the next generation of land stewards,” said Maggie Newell, ADK Outreach Manager. “Many of the students that we work with have never gone hiking before, so we are able to not only introduce them to the outdoors, but also help them develop a life-long connection to it.” 

A Leave No Trace Youth Accredited Program, Three Seasons at Heart Lake is a year-long interpretive program for fourth graders that uses classroom sessions and field trips to Heart Lake to give students an interactive outdoor learning experience based on science and outdoor recreation. At its core, Three Seasons at Heart Lake seeks to promote responsible recreation, encourage a healthy lifestyle, increase environmental literacy, and help students gain a place-based connection in the Adirondack Park. 

“As ADK celebrates its centennial anniversary, I can think of few programs that better capture our mission than Three Seasons at Heart Lake,” said Michael Barrett, ADK Executive Director. “As ADK looks toward its second century and beyond, we are excited to continue the important work of connecting kids to the natural world.” 

Learn how you can support Three Seasons at Heart Lake today.


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