How to Start Hiking

So, you’d like to take up hiking. You may be motivated by the growing popularity of hiking, health benefits, including stress reduction and improved fitness, or just looking for a new adventure! No matter your reason, taking up hiking is a great idea. Let’s talk about how to get started.

Too Hot to Handle?

By Tom Welch, M.D. I write this column as we end one of the warmest […]

10 Essentials: Budget Edition

The 10 Essentials are items considered essential for a safe and successful day hike. We recognize gear costs money, which can be a barrier for some, so these suggestions include lower-cost alternatives. These items are important for safety, but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive.

Drone Photography: Rules, Ethics, and Benefits

 The following is from the 2020 Mar/Apr edition of Adirondac Magazine Text and Photographs by […]

Avoiding Bug Bites: The ABCs of Prevention

If you’ve already read the companion to this blog, “New York’s Most UN-Wanted: 3 Bugs to Avoid," you’ve learned about the diseases three common New York bugs can transfer, and might be tempted to stay inside this summer. Don't cancel your summer plans! Let’s review steps you can take to reduce run-ins with these pesky pests.

New York’s Most UN-Wanted: 3 Bugs to Avoid

Summer's here. That means more outdoor adventures. But when it comes to being outdoors in the summer, it’s important to prepare for the inevitable: bugs.